Introduction to your Moodle dashboard and the menu

The password of the video tour below is "orientation". You may double click on the password, copy it (ctrl+c) and paste it (ctrl+v) in the password box.

You can also Moodle on your devices: just add a shortcut to it on your home screen (in Chrome, from the option menu [three vertical dots] select "Add to Home Screen" when you are on the Moodle page).

PLEASE NOTE: The appearance of the dashboard has changed slightly since this video was created: in the course overview, instead of having the course links at the top and the due dates at the bottom, now there are two tabs, one for the courses and their information, and one for the timeline.

You may find it helpful to rerun the interactive tour of your dashboard, which you should have received when you logged in to Moodle for the very first time.  You can rerun it at any time by scrolling to the very bottom of your dashboard page (Moodle Home page), to the very bottom of the green footer, and click "Reset user tour on this page".

Last modified: Monday, 5 February 2018, 10:18 AM