This course introduces learners to the biblical metanarrative as the structure of biblical theology and with the Christian gospel as the centre of biblical theology.

This course introduces students to the Bible and explores the major themes that occur throughout Genesis to Revelation. It also shows how the Bible can be read so that it speaks into our lives, ministries, and workplaces.

An introduction to the historical background to the New Testament including: a study of the main features of the life and ministry of Jesus; a summary of the beginnings and expansion of the church in Acts; a general background to the NT epistles; the main teaching of a selection of the epistles; an introduction to Revelation.

People read and write many different types of texts in their daily lives. However, academic reading, writing and communication require a different level of skill and understanding. This course will prepare students with the skills required for success in tertiary study.

This course will prepare students to understand their own approach to learning and to equip them with skills to strengthen their learning in the future.

This course will introduce students to a range of different contexts where Christian faith is being lived out. Students will be introduced to a framework for action-reflection to assist them in connecting faith and life in their own context and contexts of others.